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In today’s always connected world, the demand on businesses has never been greater. Customers expect instant communication and are loyal only to experience.

Competing in this omni-channel complex environment is costly. Outsourcing has typically been risky with business culture and communication divides. Practically all outsourcing companies globally expect large onboarding costs and typically charge by man hours with all the performance and cost risk borne by the outsourcing customer i.e. your business.

We believe performance is the key to long term sustainable business relationships. We know inherently how to research, scope and deliver successfully. That is why Teleroi invests up-front in the cost of new projects and partnerships to demonstrate value to client partners that mitigates your risk. We are extremely comfortable on payment for results relationships where clients only pay on success.

We are curious by nature. We love to learn and improve business performance. We are waiting to talk to you about investing in your business to take it to the next level.


Transformed these amazing brands


Set Up For Success

It all starts with us getting to know your business, demonstrating value and establishing key performance indicators.



Then we define the success based service level agreement (SLA) and validation by Teleroi to over-deliver.



Post the pilot we ramp at speed to meet and surpass client goals. We continually analyse, report, adapt & improve.

Available services

Outbound Sales

Our highly motivated team are relentless in driving sales performance.

Outbound Sales

Our highly motivated team are relentless in driving sales performance.

Filling Calendars

Maximize quality sales appointments & attendance rates.

Calendar Setting

Maximize quality sales appointments & attendance rates.

Customer Success

We bring the people, tools and empathy to drive up your brand loyalty.

Customer Success

We bring the people, tools and empathy to drive up your brand loyalty.

Back Office

We improve, refine, accelerate and deliver consistently better results.


Improve performance with Teleroi.

Entrusting your business processes with a third party can be daunting. Taking a step by step approach that wins trust through consistency and responsiveness is the core of what we do.

Re-engaging dormant databases2022-06-13T16:44:08+00:00

Teleroi has transformed business at a large scale haing previously added over 500 full time staff on one project alone on a success only basis. We are specialists in driving sales perfomance, where companies themselves can not afford to do this for themselves due to higher cost-bases or domain sales expertise.

Ensuring appointments set are met2022-06-13T16:45:23+00:00

When it comes to appointment setting, attendance is critical to ensure success. This requires speacialized experience, tactics and processes to ensure show up rates are maximized. We are happy to engage with prospect clients to share our know-how.

Outsourcing necessary non-core competencies2022-06-13T16:46:10+00:00

Back-office performance is an obvious candidate for outsourcing. It’s the heart of your business operations but can be a drain on valuable resources. It’s often hard to know where to start, so leave it to us. We will safely deliver and improve performance at a lower cost and drain on your business.

Drive profit for your enterprise.

Driving consistent return on investment and profitability for our partner clients is in our DNA. At Teleroi we are acutely aware that consistently delivering great customer experiences while driving costs down is the key to our own success. We continually, reinvest in our people, technology, processes and your business so we all scale with confidence.

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